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Medieval Villages in Tuscany

Medieval Villages in Tuscany - An unexplored treasure for weddings in Tuscany

The small villages of Tuscany are often a still unexplored treasure, that just few conoisseurs know.
The purpose of this and following posts is to bridge this gap introducing possible places out of the usual destinations for weddings.
The reason of this is our having looked for countryside hamlets that are the real substance of the Tuscan rural territory in order to organizing weddings. So we spotted those small medieval villages that have preserved the layout of their origin or of their reconstructions so well that the medieval mark represents an immediately recognizable feature.
This mark is evident both in the design of the inhabitated area and in the turreted town walls, often still intact, and in their gateways, which are most of the times real miniature monuments.
Medieval mark is also recognizable in the massive fortifications of the rocca and of the keep, which frequently stand next to steeples or Romanesque or Gothic, stone or brick facades of the churches. Finally, the marks of the centuries-old history are to be seen in the facades of civil houses, often tower-houses that have retained some traces in the windows and in the doors, walled and then reopened.
All these are emblematic elements of the events that marked the history of people, real invisible protagonists, who lived here and handed down this incomparable heritage to us.


Wedding location in Tuscany near San Gimignano

Wedding location in Tuscany near Volterra

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